Paulina Matijević nee Lađević was born in Karlovac in 1861 and married Matijević in 1883. Paulina Matijević was one of the founders of the Krajcaraško (small change) society (association of Serb ladies who were collecting small charity on a daily basis) and which later gave rise to the first Serb school in Zagreb. It was her initiative that helped establish women’s charitable cooperative Srpkinja in Zagreb, which later evolved into a Serb boarding school for girls, with the purpose of helping their education and upbringing. In 1904, thanks to Paulina Matijević’s influence, Privrednik broadened its activity to include care for young girls. She left her entire fortune, 4.000 shares of Zagreb-based Srpska bank, to Privrednik for the support and education of poor Serb youth. She died in Paris in 1926.