Đorđe Rapajić was born in 1952. He was a Croatian theatre, television and film actor. To the wider audiences he is best known as Nosonja from the children’s series Smogovci and as Pero from the children’s TV show Poštanski sandučić (Post box).  He also starred in a number of other TV series, as well as in drama, educational and children’s programmes for television.  For years he worked with the children’s theatre Trešnja and coop

erated with some of the leading Croatian film directors. Some of the films in which he appeared include: Kiklop (Cyclops); (1983), Osuđeni (Condemned); (1987);  Zlatko i detektivi (Zlatko and the detectives) (1992); Vrijeme za… (Time for…) (1993). He died in Zagreb in 2000.