location: Mokro Polje is part of Ervenik Municipality. In 1991 there were 803 inhabitants, 801 were Serbs. In 2011, there were 227 inhabitants in Mokro Polje.

period: 5 to 20 August 1995

crime description: A majority of population left the village and joined the refugee colon during Operation Storm. A part of them decided to stay. Since people in surrounding villages decided to leave on the night of 4 August 1995, some of them were also in Mokro Polje when the Croatian Army entered the village. The Croatian troops killed some civilians who were in the village. Since there is no detailed report, various sources claim between 5 and 20 murders. Here are the cases for which we have unambiguous information about the murders. Killing of at least five and according to some data 15 civilians in Mokro Polje (Knin) started during the operation Storm and continued after completion of the military action. Ružica Babić, born in 1926, was killed on 6 August 1995 at the threshold of her house. Stana Popović, born in 1926 and Mirko Popović, born in 1952, (mother and son) were killed on 7 August 1995 in their house by shots from firearms. Stevan Sučević, born in 1934 was killed on 9 August 1995. Jeka Kanazir, born in 1928, was thrown into “Pavlović’s cistern”. She was buried in Knin 40 days later. Sava Babić, born in 1913, was killed by shots from firearms on 24 August 1995 in front of her house.

Jovan Popović from Mokro Polje, born in 1948, lost his mother Stana and brother Mirko on 7 August 1995. That day, after he was severely abused by the soldiers, he went to the top floor of his house to sleep. The shots woke him up:

Then I heard my mother screaming (…) When I heard a member of the Croatian Army saying he already killed one and had to burn him before the observers came (…) I went down to find my brother murdered and my mother suffocating from a throat wound (…) She gave me hand signs to run and asked for some water. Son she was dead. My father was also wounded, a bullet entered through his ear and ended in TV screen (…)

Jovan’s father survived.


  1. Popović Stana (born in 1926)
  2. Sučević Stevan (born in 1934)
  3. Babić Sava (born in 1913)
  4. Kanazir Jeka (born in 1918)
  5. Popović Mirko (born in 1953)
  6. Babić Ružica (born in 1926)

There were people from other villages in Mokro Polje that day. Their number hasn’t been determined either. Ilija Švonja and Ružica and Stevo Manojlović were killed in a store where they hid in the evening of 6 August 1995. After the massacre they were burned.

Victims from other villages:

  1. Švonja Ilija (born in 1926), from Žegara;
  2. Manojlović Ružica (born in 1937), from Ivoševci;
  3. Manojlović Stevo (born in 1940) from Ivoševci.

juridical consequences: No one was held responsible for the crimes. In commemoration of Mokro Polje victims, killed in August of 1995, the locals from Mokro Polje and Association of Families against Forgetting raised a memorial plaque.