location: Medari village is situated on Trnava river some six kilometers west of Nova Gradiška. Medari was a part of the Nova Gradiška municipality until 1991, and today Medari is part of one of the youngest municipalities in Croatia – Dragalić. According to the 1991 census, Medari had 452 inhabitants, of which 367 were Serbs. According to the latest census from 2011, Medari have a population of 211. Detailed information about the ethnic structure of the town is not yet available.

time: 1 May 1995

description of the crime: At 6 a.m on the first day of operation Flash, Croatian Army members entered Medari village and committed war crimes against civilians who were at that time in their homes. 22 persons were murdered cruelly with firearms and cold weapons. The fact that three children and 11 women were among the victims and that most of the men were elderly, speaks about the scale of the crime. The youngest victim was seven and the oldest was 88 years old; also as many as seven members of a single family (family Vuković) were killed. All victims were Serbs. According to testimonies by the families of victims, people in Medaribelieved that UNPROFOR, whose base was in close proximity, would protect them in case that Croatian Army should enter the village.


  1. Ljeposava Burujević (born in 1925)
  2. Mile Burujević(born in 1935)
  3. Rade Čanak (born in 1907)
  4. Draga Čanak (born in 1919)
  5. Ruža Dičko (born in 1943)
  6. Željko Dičko (born in 1967)
  7. Draga Đumić (born in 1919)
  8. Jovan Grmuša (born in 1933)
  9. Jela Mrkonjić (born in 1945)
  10. Anka Niniković (born in 1919)
  11. Nikola Popović (born in 1927)
  12. Nada Popović (born in 1930)
  13. Dragan Romanić(born in 1935)
  14. Zorka Tomić (born in 1927)
  15. Kata Vlaisavljević (born in 1930)
  16. Anđelija Vuković (born in 1959)
  17. Ranko Vuković (born in 1955)
  18. Goran Vuković (born in 1984)
  19. Gordana Vuković (born in 1987)
  20. Milutin Vuković (born in 1945)
  21. Cvjeta Vuković (born in 1950)
  22. Dragana Vuković (born in 1988)

information on exhumation andidentification of victims: On 3 July 2010, exhumation was completed of the remains of 28 persons from the common grave situated in the area of local cemetery in Trnava village. The following persons were identified on 29 March 2011 at the Zagreb Forensics Institute: Cvijeta Vuković, Anđelija Vuković, Ranko Vuković, Milutin Vuković, Gordana VukovićGoran Vuković, Dragana Vuković, Ruža Dičko, Željko Dičko and Jovan Grmuša and in April of 2012 the following persons were identified: Kata Vlaisavljević, Zorka Tomić, Draga Đumić and Anka Ninković.

judicial consequences: Nobody has been held criminally liable yet for the crime in Medari. Procedure is still at the pre-investigation phase and is being conducted against unknown perpetrators. Until the exhumation of the remains of the Medari victims in 2010, the case was with the Osijek county state attorney. However, no indictment has been raised yet for the crimes in Medari. The Vuković sisters, whose parents and younger sister were killed, initiated court proceeding on 4 September 2006 claiming damages before Nova Gradiška municipal court based on the Liability Act of the Republic of Croatia for Damage Caused by Members of Croatian Army and Police Forces During the Homeland War. The same court, on 4 November 2009, turned down their claim as unfounded. Municipal State Attorney’s civil administrative department in Zagreb quashed the request for out of court settlement becuase according to their interpretation this was not a war crime, but instead the civilians who perished were the collateral damage of war. The municipal state attorney in Nova Gradiška initiated enforcement proceedings against property belonging to the Vuković sisters because of court fees they owe, which were incurred by the lawsuit initiated regarding the claim for non-material damages for the deaths of their parents and underage sister.