The containers delivered by the Serb National Council to the Glina area  through the humanitarian action “Banija is our House”, with the help of the utilities company Komunalac and plumbers from Negoslavci and Borovo (Vukovarsko-Srijemska county) and the municipalities of Kistanje and Skradin (Šibensko-Kninska county), have been  connected to water supply and drainage systems.

The action started at the beginning of the week and today, on 10 March 2021, it continued in Mali Gradac at the number 29 with the family Šaponja. The house of the family Šaponja has a yellow sticker, and housing containers will as of today have electricity and water, so that the family of five will have basic conditions for life while waiting for reconstruction of their house. The family was visited by Anja Šimpraga, the SDSS party’s MP, Dragana Jeckov, deputy president of the SNC and the SDSS’s MP, the head of the Krnjak municipality, Dejan Mihajlović, and the SNC’s activists from Glina area, Ljuba Vrga and Dajana Žarković, who are constantly present  in the field and thus help to detect the needs of the population in the earthquake-stricken Banija.

–  Very concretely, with no intention to whine about needing help, we came here to connect containers to the water supply system in cooperation with the Water Supply utility company from Glina, which secured all the needed material. Plumbers came from our municipalities of Negoslavci, Borovo, Kistanje and Skradin. This is yet another expression of our cooperation and concrete help to the population within the framework of the action “Banija is our house”, Dragana Jeckov stated.

Anja Šimpraga added that this was a continuation of the humanitarian action that helped to acquire and equip the containers, and now they will finally be connected to water and the drainage system.

–  Four plumbers came from Kistanje and Skradin area and are acting as volunteers and assisting Banija, they wish to help so that people could stay here and that those who left can come back. We shall not stop at this action, there will be further opportunities for you to see how, “Banija is our house” still works in these parts, Šimpraga said.

–  The Komunalac utility company from Krnjak came with the machinery so that we could help create conditions for normal functioning. This is first aid, creating existential conditions for people to be able to stay in Banija, and this is also hope in some better tomorrow when real assistance should arrive in terms of projects to rebuild houses and facilities for cattle, said Dejan Mihajlović.

Ana Šaponja, who has been living in Mali Gradac since 1978, said that life in containers will now certainly be safer and more free.

–  Everything is new and nice, it is not a house but a container, but it is safe. If only we could have no more earthquakes, then everything will be all right, added her daughter-in-law Milena.