The house of Ljubica and Milivoj Popović from the village of Moštanica in the Petrinja area was severely damaged in the Banija earthquake that took place in December 2020. Their house was given a “red sticker” and they could not live in it anymore.

The Popović family is a returnee family which faced losing their home and their house for the second time in their lives. After living in a container for almost two years, salvation came in the form of a prefabricated house donated from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), thanks to which the Popović family once again has a roof over their heads; they now have a home.

The Serb National Council (SVN) is currently building ten houses in Banija. The houses are a donation from the Republic of Srpska, BiH. The project is being coordinated by the SNV and STECO, a company from Bijeljina, the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction, and State Assets of the Republic of Croatia and the Central State Office for Reconstruction and Housing Care (CSORHC).


author: Martina Uzelac

cameraman: Mario Borščak

editors: Mihael Kuzmičić, Matej Knežević