Jelena Radošević

Eyes remember

publisher: Serb National Council
number of pages: 135
year of publication: 2016.
isbn: 978-953-7442-28-6

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“There are several reasons why I have written this book, mainly so that it should be read in Western Slavonia. I cannot stand it, I am simply jealous while I read writings, books, feuilletons, testimonials about Vukovar, Sarajevo, Benkovac, Posavina, while Western Slavonia is mentioned only occasionally, by force, not with regret but somehow shyly. And yet Western Slavonia has existed and still exists, as does my Voćin and my longing for it. And my pain for Podravska Slatina. Until one starts writing about why we have run away and if we have run away, and whether we had surrendered or it just had to happen, like the word of God – until then, I want people to read about Western Slavonia the way I would write it. When they stop whispering about us and start speaking and writing about us aloud, only then will it no longer matter who is to blame for the departure of our people.”

Jelena Radošević, from the introduction of the book ”Message for the Reader”