On Saturday, 10 October, in the Museum of Temporary Art in Zagreb, we presented one of the most important publications in the long career of Nedjeljko Dragić, our awarded film author. The bilingual edition with two titles “Still Reise – Minhenski dnevnik” and Tiho putovanje – Münchener Tagebuch”, was presented by the author and several others: Veljko Krulčić a comic book expert, Nada Beroš, who wrote the afterword, and Aneta Vladimirov, the editor. The even was moderated by Željko Luketić.

Addressing a small group of Dragić’s colleagues, friends and fans of various ages, who respected the epidemiological advice for public gatherings, Dragić reminisced about reasons that had taken him to Munich in the early 1990s, and about the inspiration provided by the opportunity to observe the city, its liveliness, innocence, often even indifference, but also the orderliness and functionality worthy of its citizens. The drawings provide insight into tender caricatures of accidental passers-by, their love for pets, but are also an indicator of the social-political circumstances at that time and the author’s approach. Midhat Ajanović, one of the best connoisseurs of Dragić’s work, who wrote a monograph about him, called this phase of Dragić’s career the most prolific one. As the publisher of this art book, the Serb National Council is really proud of its cooperation with Nedjeljko Dragić and the publishing house “Razlog”.