• ‘Efficient minority councils for more minority rights’ (EU IPA 2012)

Serb National Council (SNV) Zagreb in cooperation with its partners and non government organisations Civil Rights Project Sisak and Rehabilitation Centre for Stress and Trauma Zagreb is carrying out a project ‘Efficient minority councils for more minority rights’.

This project, worth 159,342.35 Euro, is funded from the programme IPA 2012 - Building Capacities of CSOs for Ensuring Effective Implementation of the EU Standards in the Enforcement of Human Rights.  Costs of the project’s implementation are financed in the amount of 149,988.95 Euro, of which 90% comes from the EU funds and the remaining 10% is co-financed by the Croatian Government’s Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

The Project’s implementation began on 4 November 2015, it will last for 18 months and it will be carried out in the area of Sisak-Moslavina and Šibenik-Knin Counties.

The project’s aim is to upgrade national minority councils’ capacities to monitor and strengthen exercising of minority groups’ human rights and thus strengthen the influence of local minority councils in the process of implementing non-discrimination and equal opportunities’ policy.  The project’s goal is to stimulate and enhance cooperation and dialogue between minority representatives and representatives of the local/regional authorities to achieve more efficient implementation of the Constitutional law on national minorities.

In order for project’s goals to be successfully realised, a detailed set of implementation activities has been designed which will include organisation of educational modules for national minority councils and drafting strategic and operative plans as well as individual consultations about access to sources of funding for national minority councils.

During and especially after the project is finalised, significant improvement of knowledge and skills is expected of at least 10 county and 30 local minority councils involved in this project in terms of their abilities to plan, organise and represent minority rights according to provisions of the Constitutional law on national minorities.

Project’s presentation in Knin

Project’s presentation in Sisak

First educational module in Knin

First educational module in Sisak

Second educational module in Sisak and Knin

Third educational modul in Sisak and Knin

Fourth educational modul in Sisak and Kistanje

Two day educational modul for local stakeholder network in Knin

Two day educational modul for local stakeholder network in Sisak

Meeting of the local stakeholders in Glina

Meeting of the local stakeholders and workshop in the Šibenik-Knin County

Meeting of the local stakeholders and workshop in the Sisak-Moslavina County

Final conference in Knin

Project's photo gallery

Official project's brochure

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