Novosti, Serb independent weekly magazine, has informative character and as such covers and publishes critical writing about all the relevant political, social and cultural events in Croatia, its surrounding region and the world. Special attention is paid to the activities of the Serb institutions and events connected to Serb community. High-priority topics include the return of the refugees, their re-integration, human rights of the ethnic minorities and the redevelopment of war affected regions. One section of the magazine is devoted to the process of cultural and economic exchange between the former Yugoslav states, issues of democratization, development of the civil society and rule of law. 

The Chronicle, a column, is part of the magazine dealing strictly with the issues specific to the Serb community in Croatia. Since 2007 a supplement Privrednik has been featured in the magazine, tackling problems of the economic revitalization of the Areas of Special State Concern. It also promotes the development of the agricultural sector as well as the development of small and medium businesses.

What makes Novosti a magazine intended for the general public and not just Serb community is the fact that some of the most prominent Croatian and regional journalists write for the paper.

The Novosti weekly is from 1999 available at the most newsstands in Croatia. It is also distributed via the network of local Serb National Councils, NGOs, sub-committees of Serb Cultural Association Prosvjeta and the Serbian Orthodox Church. Readers can also subscribe to the magazine via the following link

The same form of the editorial policy has the magazine’s web edition The web page is based on printed editions of the Novosti and weekly published articles, as well as on the daily coverage of news, commentaries and analyses written solely for the web page.