For some years now, the Council of Serb National Minority of the City of Zagreb has been organizing Cyrillic Alphabet through Play, a creative workshop of learning Cyrillic alphabet for preschool and primary school children. The workshop is organized for two groups of children: preschool children from 3 to 6 years old, and school children from 7 to 12 years. Children socialize as they master Cyrillic script and these activities mostly rely on visual arts and music, literature and film, while the final part contains creative games. The ultimate goal of the Cyrillic Script through Play is the complete mastery of reading and writing in Cyrillic script. At the end of the school year, children present their achievements through a final event or exhibition. Workshops take place at the hall of the Central Serb Library in Croatia (Prosvjeta, Preradovićeva 18, Zagreb) and are open for all children regardless of their nationality.

In cooperation with the Serb Cultural Association Prosvjeta, the Council of Serb National Minority Zagreb holds the Sava Mrkalj summer school of Serbian language and culture, and the program is licensed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. Children attend classes of Serbian language and culture, geography, history, art and musicfor seven days in one of the children based resorts at the Adriatic coast. Curricular activities are supplemented by various workshops and sections including calligraphy, drama, and first-aid workshop. Time spent at the coast is especially beneficial for children who are non swimmers as it gives them a chance not only to learn how to swim, but, also how to learn basic swimming techniques. The goal of the summer school is to awaken in children additional interest in Cyrillic script and the culture of Serb people, and to contribute to preservation and development of national identity in youth. The Serbian language summer school and culture takes place in July and is intended for primary school children.

In cooperation with the Serbian Pedagogical and Methodological Centre from Budapest, we organize trips for children and youth to the Vuk Karadžić summer language camp in Balatonfenjveš, Hungary. This is an international camp for children from the first grade of primary school to the second grade of secondary school (ages between 6 and 16) where children master Serbian language and Cyrillic script through socializing and through work in sections (drama, art, music). Children spend seven days at the Balaton lake using advantages of the location for swimming, relaxation and sports activities. At least ten pupils from Zagreb travel to Hungary every summer and they find that stay in the camp is useful not only because of learning Cyrillic script, but also because of forming friendships with children of their age from other European countries.