The Serb National Council has been continuously working on the return of the exiled refugees and growth of under-developed regions since its foundation. The Council has participated in realization of projects regarding the fulfillment of necessary conditions for the return of refugees, reconstruction of housing units, repair and development of necessary infrastructure, and more recently on economic growth and sustainability of regions where members of Serbian community live (with special emphasis on Areas of Special State Concern - ASSC).

Returnees face devastated infrastructure (roads, water supply and sewage systems), lack of expert help, insufficient insight in the work of institutions which encourage and develop agricultural and economic activities and lack of funds for the development of current and new programs.

The Center for development and investitions works to stimulate economic development and create an entrepreneurial climate and promote the potential of local self-government units in returnee environments and in other areas where Serbs live.

CDI operates through four offices - the central office is located in Zagreb, and the regional offices in Vukovar, Karlovac and Knin. Their activities cover areas of eastern Slavonia, central Croatia and Lika and Dalmatia. CRI wants to increase the presence and effectiveness of the field and to create the basis for a balanced regional development of most war-affected areas through: information on current / current trends and news in the field of agriculture and the economy; advisory services to natural and legal persons on ways of obtaining incentives, placement of goods / services, ways of satisfying procurement / sales conditions, best use and choice of credit programs, etc .; advisory services to natural and legal persons in the field of competition in the field of economy, development of agriculture, tourism and micro-entrepreneurship; organizing professional and informative workshops and roundtables on topics of interest to individual groups of users; preparation of business plans for smaller projects and investment projects, consultation on project proposals, consultation on public procurement procedures; connect and make contacts with competent institutions at local, regional and national level; networking and partnership-building on projects and institutions that can contribute to the sustainable development of returnees and other settings; networking with civil society organizations at local, regional and state level to work on common goals; creating a positive atmosphere for the promotion of entrepreneurship in agriculture and encouraging young people to participate more actively in agriculture; cooperation with development agencies of counties, cities and municipalities in the promotion of projects and interregional and cross-border cooperation; identification of development opportunities, projects and programs; attracting direct domestic and foreign investment; organization of seminars, business consultations, presentations and fairs; participation in specialized training programs in order to acquire additional knowledge and skills in the areas of activity of the Council; encouraging the development of volunteer programs and projects; participation in domestic and international expert meetings related to the goals and activities of the Council.

CDI, in co-operation with partners such as the Refugee Fund, Displaced Persons and Displaced Persons of AP Vojvodina and the Commissariat for Refugees of the Republic of Serbia, regularly mediates the distribution of donations to returnees. These are packages of help; seeds and seedlings, agricultural mechanization, tools for public works, etc.

We operate throughout 4 dislocated offices in the whole Republic of Croatia: Knin, Karlovac, Slatina and Vukovar. You can find our offices contact informations on our page under  rubric "Contacts".