Our main criterion for choosing publishing projects lies in current socio-political atmosphere. This particularly refers to the process of coming to terms with the recent past and the consequences of the 1991 – 1995 war, not forgetting the constant and systematic negation of the genocide and the Holocaust committed during the Second World War. Books Petrova gora written by Đuro Zatezalo and Korak do smrti written by Petar Drakulić, together with scientific research on crimes perpetrated in Orthodox Church in Glina and organized dislocation of Serbs from the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) in 1941 represent rare publishing attempts which tackle the period of Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

One of the biggest publishing projects is Knjigocid – o uništavanju knjiga u Hrvatskoj 1990-ih written by Ante Lešaja. It is 20-year-old research on destructions of books during 1990s in Croatia, in particular those titles that were linked to the so called idea of 'Serbism' and 'Yugoslavianism'. Equally important is Aleksandra Zec book by Tamara Opačić based on the play by Oliver Frljić of the same title, which examines the legislative and press archives which covered the tragic death of Zec family.

Publishing activities also represent a great opportunity to get the general public acquainted with past and current contribution of Serbian community and its most prominent members in the fields of Croatian, Serbian, European and world's art, science, politics and economy. This was best illustrated in the book of biographies of prominent Serbs in Croatia entitled Znameniti Srbi u Hrvatskoj. The question of cultural heritage was depicted by Filip Škiljan who examined Croatian cultural heritage, namely cultural-historical monuments, of the areas inhabited by Serbs through series of books. Fundus Dvora Jankovića by Milorad Savić, is a catalogue of museum records which will represent Serbian culture in Croatia as an intrinsic part of overall cultural heritage through the example of centuries old Tower of Stojan Janković. The catalogue is under preparation.

The Serb National Council prepared a thematic calendar for 2015, featuring a selection of Vojin Bakić’s best and most significant works.  Also, a book by Filip Škiljan was published, entitled Forced, organised emigration of Serbs from the Independent State of Croatia (NDH).  This is the first scientific book in Croatia which deals at an empirical level with the insufficiently researched issues of the 1941 emigration of Serbs from Croatia, their subsequent destinies and their neighbours’ reactions. The book was appraisedas a must-read for future researchers.

The SNV also published a collection of essays and other works by Saša Blagus entitled Citizen Blagus. The book is an homage to the civic courage its author displayed in various situations, putting his job and his subsistence at risk.  At the end of 2015, a booklet by Dragan Vukšić as published, entitled The brigands of Zumberak and the process of denationalising Serbs and forcing them to abandon Orthodox Christianity. It is a non-scientific but very informed analysis of the history of his people and his native land and can serve as a scientific reference of sorts.

The regular publishing activity involves calendars which visually illustrate historic events, personas or some of the most important social peculiarities of Serbs in Croatia.