Problems with which Serbs in Croatia are faced predominantly stem from the past war. Since, 20 years after war events, these problems have still not been resolved, along with promotion of Serb culture and identity, work of the Serb National Council (SNC) is focused on the fight for civil, human and national rights of the Serb community in Croatia. Part of our work is directed towards advocacy processes before relevant international and state institutions. Given the specifics and the extent of the work that we deal with, our activity is divided into several thematic areas.

As a self-government of Serbs in Croatia, SNC actively participates in the process of speeding up return and reintegration of Serbs into Croatian society. For that reason, with financial assistance from the UNHCR, we have organized a legal network through which we extend free legal aid. Activities are conducted through the functioning of a network of legal offices in Rijeka, Pula, Karlovac and Daruvar. In this way, we secure direct communication with beneficiaries, which contributes to the faster resolution of their problems. Our lawyers assist them in resolving legal issues related to housing care, status rights, exercising right to pension, health insurance, social care and convalidation of their work years. In cooperation with other civil society organisations we also deal with the issues of missing persons, war crimes and discrimination on ethnic basis.

Since its inception, the SNC has been continually working on development of return and underdeveloped areas. Apart from realisation of particular projects such as empowering family farms by establishing cooperatives, our Centre for Development engages relevant institutions to create a better legal basis and secure funding for reconstruction and development.

With the aim to educate activists and to strengthen Serb institutions and organisations in which they are active, we started a Political academy in 2008. It is a program of additional education for younger members of the Serb community with which we wish to encourage the development of local environments, motivate them and prepare them for participation in political processes. We conduct educational activities designed for children of preschool and primary school children and secondary school students. Apart from Cyrillic Alphabet Through Play – a creative workshop of learning Cyrillic alphabet – the Council of Serb National Minority Zagreb, participates in holding Summer school of Serbian language and culture Sava Mrkalj and organizes trips for children and youth to the Vuk Karadžić summer language camp.

Inspite of formally guaranteed rights, Serbs in Croatia are still encountering numerous problems in exercising their rights to education. For this reason we established cooperation with representatives of government, civil sector and those who face obstacles in practice – parents, children and those employed in education.

The SNC also took over systematic care of marking anniversaries and maintaining memorials where respect and piety are paid to victims who perished in the Second World War. Also, in cooperation with county, city and municipal councils, every year we mark suffering and exodus of Serbs in the last war.

Although protection and reconstruction of monuments is one of the key elements required for reaffirming contemporary Serb identity in Croatia, institutional practice to date, barring rare exceptions, has not developed mechanisms of their protection. This is why we work on identifying and documenting the existing situation and then on lobbying for the reconstruction process. We also support realization of various memorial interventions, public reminders of important historic events and personalities, which take place in publicly visible space.

Along with the Archive of Serbs in Croatia, which we started in 2006, in cooperation with the Serb Cultural Society Prosvjeta, the SNC started a publishing activity which is defined by its basic activities – protection of human and minority rights and preserving our cultural identity.

Our publishing activity includes regular publications which aim to inform not only members of the Serb community but also the rest of the public, as well as the institutions which have a task to act towards speedy and comprehensive resolution of problems. Since December 1999, the SNC has been publishing Novosti weekly which has an internet edition. We also publish the Bulletin, a periodical which brings an overview of the main problems that Serbs face in Croatia through specialised thematic sections.