Relying on the fact of by law guaranteed right on proportional representation of national minorities members in public authorities that has for years presented a big problem and challenge for the Republic of Croatia, Serb National Council (SNC) published the analysis Unrealized Rights and Failed Policies: Representation of National Minorities in State Administration, Judiciary and Police in March of 2014. The analysis was based on competent authorities’ data about the representation of national minorities in stated institutions, highlighting the representation of Serbs followed and collected by SNC and the Independent Democratic Serbian Party Club in the Croatian Parliament between the middle of 2008 and the middle of 2013, respectively until the beginning of the EU membership of Republic of Croatia in July of 2013.

The results of the analysis were devastating. It has been noticed that during the analysed period, despite the specific measures of the Government of Republic of Croatia, not only there was no improvement in realization of the rights, but previously achieved level of representation demonstrate tendencies of moderate to significant degradation. Former politics of the Government directed towards increasing the number of national minorities’ members in competent authorities have been rated as useless, and stated reasonable doubt they were only fulfilling the form in order to meet the criteria of the EU entry negotiations. The conclusion, among other, stated the necessity for the Government and other competent authorities to undertake decisive, comprehensive and concrete measures in collaboration and with participation of national minorities’ representatives and independent experts in the following period in order to implement the corresponding guaranteed rights.

This document is a result of continuous activity of SNC and IDSP on following and lobbying for the realization of national minorities rights, or concretely, realizing the rights of Serbs on corresponding representation in state administration institutions. It primarily considered and analysed the current dana on representation from the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Because of tracking the trends the current data are compared to analysis data Published in March of 2014. Regarding that, the document deals with the possible influence of 4-year-membership in the European Union on improvement in implementing the guaranteed national minorities’ rights and with it the rule of law and commitment of national institutions to democracy and human rights.