Two election campaigns, marking the 20th anniversary of the Storm offensive by a military parade in Zagreb and by Marko Perković Thompson’s concert in Knin, abolishing of Cyrillic script in Vukovar, and numerous attempts to rehabilitate Ustasha regime – these are only some of the events which have marked the year behind us.  In 2015 we have also witnessed increased frequency of hate speech by public figures and by part of the media as well as a rising number of physical assaults against Serbs in Croatia. For this reason, and according to data which the Serb National Council and the SDSS’ (Independent Serb Democratic Party) deputies in the Croatian Parliament have assembled, 2015 will be remembered as the year in which nationalist, anti-minority atmosphere has reached large proportions.

Particular examples of attacks, threats, destruction of private property or property owned by Serb institutions, and statements by public figures containing hate speech or statements that call for intolerance against Serbs, are all assembled and unified in the latest issue of the Serb National Council’s Bulletin. The Bulletin can be downloaded via the following link.