Srpsko narodno vijeće, Serb national council


  • legal department

    Free Legal Assistance

    By extending free legal assistance Serb National Council provides necessary advice, information, assistance in communication with institutions, in representation before courts and other administrative bodies, to all members of the Serb community and all other individuals who are faced with obstacles in attempts to integrate in the society

  • the archive of serbs in croatia

    Donate materials

    The Archive of Serbs in Croatia is asking all interested parties to donate items which in any way illustrate the life of Serbs in Croatia – identification cards or passports, journals and diaries, old photographs, postcards, folklore clothing garments, old personal belongings and testimonies on sufferings in both Second World War and the last one (1991 - 1995). Also, interested general public, in accordance with the standardized procedure, is invited to view original and copied records available at the Archive

  • Appeal to UNESCO for Support and Protection of the Third Ojkače Festival

    Considering the understanding that every culture contributes to the overall richness of the world and that none of them, especially not the cultures based on centuries of common life, should be used as a means of exclusion or discrimination, we are addressing you because of the phenomena contrary to the values of the UN and UNESCO that have appeared in our country. Unfortunately, the events relating to intangible world heritage such as traditional popular singing – ojkanje give an example of exclusion from common cultural heritage and are used as grounds for discrimination

  • correction

    Correction: Marija Dekanić is not a member of the HNS

    Ms Marija Dekanić addressed the Serb National Council and the Council of the Serb National Minority of the City of Zagreb requesting correction of the information published in the 14th issue of the Bulletin "Historic Revisionism, Hate Speech and Violence against Serbs in 2017"

  • new issue

    Bulletin #14: Historic Revisionism, Hate Speech and Violence Against Serbs in 2017

    In 2017 Serba National Council registred 393 events which are representing cases of ethnic intolerance, revisionism, denial of historic events, offences, threats, physical attacks and hate speech against Serbs in Croatia

  • bulletin #13

    SNC's Political Academy — Future of Serbs in Croatia

    As part of the Serb National Council’s Political Academy in 2017 the sixth cycle of lectures and negotiations was held with young activists from Serb community as regular participants

  • bulletin #11

    Representation of national minorities in the state administration and judiciary

    This document is a result of continuous activity of SNC and IDSP on following and lobbying for the realization of national minorities rights, or concretely, realizing the rights of Serbs on corresponding representation in state administration institutions

  • youth network of serbs

    Join Youth Network

    Youth Network of Serbs in Croatia (oMreža), which operates within the Serb National Council, was formed with the goal to animate and encourage young people to take a more active role in society. Besides familiarizing with the activities of Serbian institutions in Croatia, Youth Network also informs young people about job opportunities and scholarships as well as about the cultural, economic and educational events within the community

  • bulletin #10

    Historic Revisionism, Hate Speech and Violence Against Serbs in 2016

    In 2016 there was a total of 331 registered cases of ethnically motivated violence, revisionism and denial of historic events, and threats and hate speech directed against Serbs in Croatia. This is a significant increase compared to the previous years (57 percent more than in 2015)

  • bulletin #8

    Images of Return: Banija and Kordun

    In new issue of the Bulletin we are publishing stories from a journalist’s notepad about returnees to Banija and Kordun regions, about individuals and families who, fearing for their lives, had to leave their homes at the start of 1995 and set out into the unknown, far from their birthplace, far from the graves of their fathers

  • bulletin #7

    Strayed Property

    Foundation, confiscation, and return of the following Serb socie­ties’ and institutions’ property in Croatia: Srpska banka (Serb Bank), Srpska privredna organizacija Privrednik (Serb Business Association), Srpsko kulturno društvo Prosvjeta (Serbian Cultural Society), and Srpska pravoslavna crkva (Serbian Orthodox Church), from the end of the 19th until the beginning of the 21st century

  • bulletin #6

    Hate Speech and Violence Against Serbs in 2015

    Particular examples of attacks, threats, destruction of private property or property owned by Serb institutions, and statements by public figures containing hate speech or statements that call for intolerance against Serbs, are all assembled and unified in the latest issue of the Serb National Council’s Bulletin