The Serbian Orthodox Church is one of the autocephalous independent Orthodox Christian Churches, member of Orthodox communion. The Church achieved autocephalous status in 1219 under the leadership of St Sava. Nowadays it has the status of a patriarchy with the eparchies all around former Yugoslavia, Europe, North America and Australia. The Serbian Orthodox Church in Croatia consists of Metropolitanate of Zagreb and Ljubljana and the following eparchies: Dalmatia, Upper Karlovac, Slavonia, Osječko polje nad Baranja, and Zahumlje-Herzegovina incorporating the city of Dubrovnik. The Council of Episcopes is the Serbian Orthodox Church's ruling body in Croatia. It is presided by Metropolitan Porfirije of Zagreb and Ljubljana. The Council’s members are the Episcope Fotije of Dalmatia, Episcope Gerasim of Upper Karlovac, Episcope Sava of Slavonia and Episcope Lukijan of Osječko polje and Baranja.

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