Members of national minorities who represent more than 1,5 percent of the total population of the Republic of Croatia are guaranteed a maximum of three seats in the parliament, and their right is exercised based on the special election right on party lists, lists of national minority associations or lists proposed by minority voters. National minorities who participate in the total population of the Republic of Croatia with less than 1,5 percent have the right to elect five representatives, members of national minorities, which cannot diminish the national minorities’ rights.

Thus, members of national minorities in the Republic of Croatia have the right to elect eight representatives to Croatian Sabor. Of these, members of the Serb minority elect three representatives, while members of Hungarian, Italian, Czech and Slovak minority elect one representative respectively. Members of the Albanian, Bosniak, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Slovenian national minority jointly elect one representative, the same as members of Austrian, Bulgarian, German, Polish, Roma, Rumanian, Rusyn, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vlach and Jewish minority who jointly elect one representative.

National minority members are elected in a special electoral unit which is the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia. It is done so that in individual elections for the national minority representative, a candidate will be chosen who has received the most votes from voters of that particular minority and who voted at the elections.

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