The Serb Cultural Association Prosvjeta was founded in November 1944 in Glina. The Association was active up to 1971 and Croatian Spring movement when its activities were terminated since they were regarded equal to those of Matica hrvatska. Prosvjeta was forbidden and formally abolished. The Association was restored in 1993.

This traditional cultural organization of Serbs in Croatia assembles the members of the Serb community with the aim of affirming and developing their national identity, has over 1000 members in 50 subcommittees in Croatia. The Serb Cultural Association Prosvjeta promotes cultural and historical aspects of Serbian tradition in Croatia. Its members and associates study and present history, culture and contemporary life of Serbs through a set of various activities such as exhibitions, tribunals, writers' evenings, promotions of publications as well as folklore, musical and sports activities.

It also devotes special attention to publishing. Prosvjeta publishes a cultural magazine Prosvjeta and magazine for elementary school children Bijala Pčela. The publishing activities are focused on publications dealing with the past and present of Serbs in Croatia and on defining their position in historic context. Some subcommittees have their own libraries whereas the biggest one is the Central Library of Serbs in Zagreb with more than 21,000 titles.

The Serb Cultural Association Prosvjeta has initiated supplementary educational program for Serbian minority students because, since 1991, Serbian educational contents were no longer a part of official and regular Croatian educational curriculum. Prosvjeta has been actively participating in the field of education of and for minorities since 1993 when the model C of education practice in the national minority language was implemented.

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