The Serbian Business Association Privrednik was founded in Zagreb in 1897 under the initiative of a Serb merchant and philanthropist Vladimir Matijević and represents one of the most significant Serbian economic and educational institutions. It was Matijević’s idea to found an association which would systematically work on locating, upbringing and schooling of talented but poor children from Dalmatia, Lika, Kordun, Banija, Slavonia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Vojvodina. The aim was to provide vocational trade and merchant schooling to the children so to help them become independent skilled craftsmen who would form the basis of economic revitalization necessary for cultural and social revival of community.

As the activities of the Serbian Business Association Privrednik developed over time, Patronage Fund was established in 1911. This body was in charge of documents, last wills and testaments, funds, realty investments, state’s and other securities trading. It was also responsible for cash investment and granting loans.

The first issue of Privrednik newspaper dealing with topics related to everyday life was published in 1898. The newspaper published information important to the farmers, cooperators, tradesmen and craftsmen. It also dealt with numerous social, educational, moral and health issues.

The Serbian Business Association Privrednik’s activities were banned three times in 1914, 1941 and in 1946. However, it was established again on December 18, 1993 despite the very difficult and uncertain war period. Nowadays, Privrednik incorporates a youth club Privrednik Junior and the Vladimir Matijević Scholarship Fund. It publishes magazine Privrednik, as a supplement to the independent Serb weekly Novosti, issued every first Friday in a month. The mentioned activities mark Association’s return to its core values – agricultural development of rural areas mostly populated by Serbs and further growth of individual potentials and expert abilities.

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