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Mila Dimitrijević Mila Dimitrijević
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Mila Dimitrijević – actress

Mila Dimitrijević was born in Kragujevac in 1877. From as early as 1891, she played with travelling theatre troupes and, with brief intermissions, she was a permanent member the Croatian National Theatre drama from 1894. Starting with the very first roles, she cultivated a realistic style and remained faithful to it regardless of various characters she had played in her long career.

Its beginnings were marked by characters in the salon-conversational genre: Jolanta (The Devil by F. Molnár), Mitzi (in A. Schnitzler's Loveplay). But what made her famous was the Russian repertoire, as she played Lisa (in The Living Corpse by L. N. Tolstoy), Nastya (in M. Gorky's At the Bottom), Katyusha (in Tolstoy's The Resurrection) and interpretations of ordinary women in works by Croatian and Serbian playwrights: Ruška and Mara (P. Petrović Pecija's Pljusak or The Shower), Živka in Gospođa mnistarka (Missus Minister) by B. Nušić and Manda in P. Budak's Mećava (The Snowstorm). Her interpretations from the Russian realistic repertoire mark important dates in the history of Zagreb's theatre.

Mila Dimitrijević played in radio dramas, she performed in the first television drama in Zagreb and also made attempts at film. She died in Zagreb on 12 January 1972. An acting award bearing her name was established in 1992.

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