The Council’s Assembly consists of delegates of SNC members and of representatives of the Serb national minority in those counties where we do not meet conditions for election of a council. The Assembly passes the Statute, Rulebook and Work Programme, adopts a Financial Plan and Final Account and decides on election and dismissal of SNC’s president and deputy president. This body also makes a decision on cooperation with co-ordinations, organisations and institutions from the country and abroad and decides on SNC’s change of goals and its activity.

Presidency is SNC’s executive and coordination body which consists of the president, deputy president, vice-presidents and presidents of all county councils and the elected representatives at the county level. This body’s task is to coordinate implementation of SNC’s decisions, to consider all issues from Council’s jurisdiction and to prepare and propose acts and decisions from its jurisdiction to the Assembly. Among other things, this body follows and directs the work of SNC’s permanent and temporary working bodies, puts forward proposals for improvement of their work and coordinates activities.

The SNC’s Supervisory Board consists of the president and four members, and their task is to ensure that the work of all SNC’s bodies is lawful and in accordance with the statute; also to take care of material–financial affairs and the use of property; to propose measures in case of irregularities in the SNC’s work and to propose acts and decisions from its jurisdiction.

At the helm of the Council is the president who is elected from among Assembly members to a four–year mandate. The president represents and speaks for the SNC, is held responsible for lawfulness of its work, and convenes and chairs over the Presidency sessions.

The vice president replaces the SNC president in performing of his duties in case of his absence and assists him in performing his duties.

The SNC has five vice presidents who assist the president in performing his duties and conduct business from his jurisdiction for which he has authorized them.

President  Boris Milošević

Deputy Presidents Dragana Jeckov, Aneta Vladimirov 

General secretary Saša Milošević

Vice Presidents Anja Šimpraga, Darko Karanović, Svetislav Mikerević, Dušan Polimac

Presidency Darko Karanović (Bjelovar-Bilogora County), Dušan Nogić (Brod-Posavina County), Milorad Vukanović (Dubrovnik-Neretva County), Branko Dulikravić (Koprivnica-Križevci County), Stanko Momčilović (Lika-Senj County), Milorad Sarap (Međimurje County), Jovan Jelić (Osijek-Baranja County), Dušan Polimac (Sisak-Moslavina County), Božidar Simić (Split-Dalmatia County), Anja Šimpraga (Šibenik-Knin County), Milan Mirčetić (Varaždin County), Dražen Bogojević (Virovitica-Podravina County), Svetislav Mikerević (Vukovar-Srijem County), Rajka Rađenović (Zadar County), Dragiša Pilipović (Zagreb County), Saša Milošević (City of Zagreb), Zoran Stanković (Primorsko-Goranska County)