location: Hamlet of the Orlić village near Knin

time: 6 August 1995

description of crime: On that day, witness Stevan Zarić was in the field tending cattle. At about 14:00 he heard a tank approaching from the direction of Knin. He immediately hid behind the hedge from where he saw several soldiers in camouflage uniforms. From the direction of the house of Predrag Simić, a young man who had been dodging military service and was arrested by the RSK army several times because of that, he heard machine-gun fire and shouting. The next day he found Predrag’s body on the road near his house. He was wearing civilian clothes and was shot several times in the head and chest.

victim: Predrag Simić (28)

legal consequences: The ICTY’s trial chamber established that the perpetrators were members of Croatian military forces, but to this day no one has been held responsible for this crime.