mjesto: Selo kraj Knina

location: Village outside Knin

time: 5 August 1995

description of crime: Protected witness of the Hague Tribunal testified that on 5 August 1995, between 16:00 and 18:00, shooting was heard in the village and from a 30 meter distance, the witness saw a soldier with Croatian insignia taking civilian Dmitar (Mile) Rašua out of his house by force. After that he/she heard bursts from an automatic rifle. On 13 August 1995, Rašua’s corpse was identified by Đuja Nonković from Žagrović. Escorted by the UNPROFOR in the yard of the same house she found bodies of Đorđe Rašua, Ilija Petko and Milica Petko, who had gunshot wounds on their chests.

On the same day in Dmitrovići, also a hamlet in Žagrović village, civilian Jovan Dmitrović was killed while in the Bradaš hamlet, two women, Ika and Vera Dondur, were also killed. According to testimony from HRAT’s report of 21 November 1995, these women refused to come out of their house as ordered by the HV, after which soldiers opened fire and killed them both. On 16 August, HRAT’s team in Žagrović also found corpses of Stevo Dmitrović and two more unidentified men. They were all dressed in civilian clothes.

victims: ten persons killed – Dmitar (Mile) Rašuo (81), Milica Petko (72), Ilija Petko (40), Đuro Rašuo (50), Jovan Dmitrović (55), Stevo Dmitrović (40), Ika Dondur (65), Vera Dondur (56) and two unidentified persons.

legal consequences: The names of the persons killed in Žagrović were included in the indictment which the ICTY’s prosecution raised in 2001 against generals Gotovina, Čermak and Markač. But due to lack of hard evidence about possible perpetrators of the crime, the ICTY’s Trial Chamber did not consider this case.