location: Village in the Biskupija municipality

time: 6 August 1995

description of crime: In the early morning hours on 6 August 1995, Vesela Damjanić was sitting in her courtyard with her husband Lazo, son Rajko and her sister-in-law Anđelija.  At about half past eight, after her husband went to the basement, two armed men in camouflage uniforms walked into the yard. They asked Vesela whether someone was hiding in the house, to which she replied no. They  then fired three shots at the house. After that, her husband, who suffered from epilepsy, came out of the basement. The soldiers led him to the street and when they noticed that his head was uncontrollably shaking because of previous epileptic attacks, one of the soldiers told him that he was “not going to shake his head much longer”. Vesela Damjanić pleaded with the soldiers to let her husband go, but they threatened to shoot her unless she stepped aside. Two days later, the same soldiers drove by her house and told her that she would not see her husband alive again. On the same day, Vesela found his body 500 meters away from the house. On 26 August 1995, persons in military uniforms came to collect his corpse and loaded it on a truck. When Vesela asked if she could bury him at the village cemetery, one soldier knocked her to the ground and called her a Serb whore.

victims: Lazo Damjanić (62)

legal onsequences: Lazo Damjanić was buried at the new cemetery in Knin. In 2002, his remains were moved to the village graveyard in Vrbnik. So far no one has been held responsible for his killing.