location: Uzdolje village is located right next to Knin, on a road towards Drniš. In 1991 there were 767 inhabitants, 765 were Serbs. In 2011 there were 226 inhabitants with number deteriorating until present.

time: 6 August 1995

Crime description: In the morning of 6 August 1995, three men in white civilian vehicle with automatic rifles came to Šare, a small village near Uzdolje, in Orlić Municipality. They all had black hair; two were wearing camouflage uniforms, and the third black bandana around the neck, the camouflage trousers, and the black T-shirt with a black ribbon reading “For home – ready”. All three had dark blue caps with chessboard. There they found Krsto Šare, who was in front of his house with Jandrija Šare, Stevo Berić, Janja Berić, Milica Šare, Đurđija Berić, Bosiljko Berić and one more person, all of them in civilian clothes. One of the three armed men saw witness 67 and, hit her in her arm with a gunstock and ordered her to join the others. The armed men ordered the group to move towards the paved road Knin-Drniš, and one of them pushed Stevo Berić to the ground and tore his documents, saying he would no longer need them. Shortly after, one of the armed men said, “Let’s finish them, our lamb is getting cold.” The group was standing about 30 meters from the road at a place where nobody could see them from the vehicles. Two armed men then left with two women, they were taken to Knin in separate vehicles. The third armed man, one who hit one of the witness, stayed with the rest of the group and ordered them to return from the main road back to the village, cursing their mothers and threatening them to pay for what they did in Vukovar. After a while the group ran into Miloš Ćosić, who was ordered to join the others. Eventually the armed man shot at the group from an automatic rifle and killed Milica Saric, born on 22 January 1922, Stevo Berić, born on 24 June 1933, Janja Berić, born on 11 April 1932, Đurđija Berić, born on 1 January 1916, Krsto Šare, born on 15 October 1931, Miloš Ćosić, born on 1 March 1923, and Jandrija Šare, born 30 July 1932, while Witness 67 escaped to the forest and survived. According to autopsies, the causes of death were gunshots.

That same day Sava Šare, born in 1922, was also murdered in her house as well as other about 10 civilians in surrounding villages (Orlić, Markovac, Biskupija and Vrbnik) in days after Operation Storm.

judicial consequences: Given that no one was held responsible for this crime, Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past filed a complaint to the CSP for crimes committed in Uzdolje on 4 August 2017. Šibenik County State Attorney stated the following: “After the exhumation on the city cemetery in Knin in 2001, Šibenik County State Attorney formed objects related murders in Uzdolje and Vrbnik between 6 and 9 August 1995, with suspicion of war crimes. A warrant was issued to Šibenik-Knin County Police Department in order to conduct investigations and determine the circumstances of the crime and find possible perpetrators.