location:  Hamlet of the Rudele village in Kistanje municipality

time: An undetermined day in the first half of August 1995

description of crime: According to the ruling by the County Court in Šibenik, Željko Šunjerga, Ranko Čadek and Milenko Hristić, members of the HV 15th Guard Brigade, went on a patrol to the village of Rudele. They stopped the vehicle close to Manda Tišma , with whom Šunjerga spoke while his fellow soldiers were searching the nearby houses. Šunjerga asked her who she was rooting for, and she said that her sons were in Belgrade and that she rooted for Krajina. Šunjerga started walking back to the vehicle, but before entering he fired a short burst at Tišma from a four meter distance. While presenting his defence, Šunjegra admitted having fired, but claimed he had done it in self-defence because he saw Tišma reaching under her apron, making him think that she was about to throw a hand grenade. The court rejected Šunjerga’s defence and commented that according to the minutes from the exhumation the deceased was not wearing an apron.

victim: Manda Tišma (age undetermined)

legal consequences: On 29 November 2002, the County Court in Šibenik convicted Željko Šunjerga for the murder and sentenced him to four years in prison.