location: Hamlet in the former Benkovac municipality, today part of town of Benkovac

time: 21 August 1995

description of crime: According to Mile Stegnajić, on 21 August 1995, at about 15:00, two armed men with long hair, wearing civilian clothes, walked into the village, and threatened to kill him and his wife Ljubica unless they left their house. Mile Stegnajić left immediately and hid in the village, but his wife, who was ailing, remained at home. At about 18:00 on the same day, Stegnajić heard shots from the direction of his house, and when he later returned, he could not find his wife. He then set off on foot towards the U.N. military observers’ base (UNMO) in the nearby Raštević. The following day, along with the UNMO, he returned home where they found his wife dead in the well. In front of the well they found her apron, stick and a log. There were no visible signs of violence on Ljubica’s body.

victim: Ljubica Stegnajić (age unknown)

legal consequences: Ljubica Stegnajić’s name is included in the indictment which the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in 2001 raised against Croatian generals Gotovina, Čermak and Markač. But due to lack of evidence about possible perpetrators of crimes, the ICTY’s trial chamber did not consider this case.