location: Village in Biskupija municipality

time: Undetermined date in August or September 1995

description of crime: Acting on a tip in mid September 1995, UNCIVPOL arrived in Riđane, a village with majority Croatian population which was under the UN protection before Operation Storm. With the help of two elderly women from the village, they found the body of the killed Serb Milan Balić who was lying face to the ground and was covered with a carpet.  Upon turning the corpse, they saw a bullet hole on the chest.  The two women recounted that a group pf HV soldiers with a lightning patch on the shoulders of their uniforms had turned up in the village and asked Balić to give them two of his pigs. When Balić refused, one of the soldiers killed him.

victims: Milan Balić (76)

legal onsequences: Due to lack of evidence about possible perpetrators of the crime, the ICTY’s trial chamber did not consider this case. To this day no one has been held responsible for the death of Milan Balić.