location: Hamlets of Mirkovići and Crnogorci, the village Polača near Knin

time: 12 and 29 August 1995

description of crime: On 12 August 1995, three Croatian soldiers participating in mopping up operations came to the house of Đurđija MIrković. Her neighbour Smiljana Mirković, who was with her at that moment, testified that soldiers cursed their Serb mother, after which one of them killed Đurđija.

According to testimony by Đurđija Crnogorac, on 29 August 1995, three Croatian soldiers in uniforms came to a neighbour’s house where there was also Ilinka Crnogorac and ordered her to accompany them to her own house. As neighbours had testified, the soldiers threatened to burn down her house and she was begging them not to do it. Several hours later Đurđija found Ilinka dead in a pool of blood, and a flowerpot lying close to her head. In the Knin district police administration’s event log from 1995, it was stated that Ilinka Crnogorac died of natural causes. Following exhumation at the Knin cemetery in 2001 and the autopsy, it was established that she was killed by shots to the chest and head.

victims: two persons killed – Ilinka Crnogorac (67) and Đurđija Mirković (70).

legal consequences: Due to lack of evidence about possible perpetrators of the crime, ICTY’s trial chamber did not consider this case. To this day no one has been held responsible for the murders of Đurđija Mirković and Ilinka Crnogorac.