location: Oton hamlet in the municipality of Ervenik, from which the majority of its 200 inhabitants fled between 4 and 5 August 1995, and only four or five elderly men and 13 women stayed behind.

time: Unestablished date close to 18 August 1995.

description of crime: Jovan Vujnović said in his testimony to the Hague investigators that in the morning hours of 18 August 1995 or close to that date, a group of Croatian soldiers took him to the  village railway station building for questioning. One of the soldiers then advised him to hide because “things were happening”. On the same day around 15:00, Vujinović went home and found his house torched and some 80 meters further he found his dead mother Marta Vujinović (85) with three bullet wounds to her face. On 21 and 22 August, he also found the corpse of Stevo Vujnović (56) in front of Vujnović’s house. Stevo Vujnović was in his underwear, lying with his face to the ground in a pool of blood. On an undetermined date following Operation Storm,  Stevo’s immobile mother Marija (85) was also killed. Her corpse was found a year later by her other son, Momčilo Vujnović. According to the report by the UN civilian police (UNCIVPOL) made on 24 August 1995, in the first days of “Storm”, the following civilians were killed in Oton: Ilija (73) and Branko Sudar (58) and Đuka Žunić (85). The villagers found the latter drowned in the well.

victims: six killed –  Marta Vujnović (85), Stevo Vujnović (56), Marija Vujnović (85), Ilija Sudar (73), Branko Sudar (58) and Đuka Žunić (85).

legal consequences: Names of Marta, Stevo and Marija Vujnović were included in the indictment which the ICTY prosecutors raised in 2001 against Croatian generals Gotovina, Čermak and Markač. But due to the lack of evidence about possible perpetrators of the crime, the ICTY’s trial chamber did not consider the case.