location: Road between Glina and Dvor

time: 7 and 8 August 1995

Description of Crime: On 7 and 8 August 1995 rows of people from the area of Glina, Topusko, Vrginmost and Vojnić were moving along the road from Glina to Dvor. In the vicinity of villages Ravno Rašće, Donji Klasnić and Žirovac the people were attacked and several dozen civilians were killed. According to witness testimonies, two attacks took place, one by the Croatian Army (HV) and another by the Bosnia Herzegovina Army 5th corps. This crime is one of the less researched crimes in Croatia. Even the small number of witness accounts that exist, are largely contradictory. Thus some HV members claim that a great number of military vehicles was retreating along with the civilians and that soldiers in civilian cars were mixed with civilians and were shooting at them (HV), while some claim that civilians died as a consequence of panic among the Serb military. Regardless of the lack of clarity, the fact remains that a larger and still undetermined number of civilians perished during the course of these events.


  1. Aleksa Zorojević (born in 1928) from Donji Klasnić
  2. Miloš Vladić (1931) from Buzeta
  3. Danica Bulat (1931) from Buzeta
  4. Marija Baždar (1928) from Buzeta
  5. Milenko Kukulj (born round 1935) from Blatuša
  6. Ljubica Kukulj (1952.) from Blatuša
  7. Đurđica Kukulj (born round 1967.) from Blatuša
  8. Ana Mraović (1905) from Bović
  9. Mile Mraović (1931) from Bović
  10. Stanko Stanojević (1918) from Bović
  11. Stevan Komadina (1930) from Bović
  12. Milica Rkman (1915) from Brnjavac
  13. Maca Pavlović (1923) from Trepča
  14. Danica Radanović (1924) from Šljivovac
  15. Radanović Ranka (1932) from Čremušnica
  16. Radanović Miljka (1922) from Čremušnica

perpetrators: Unknown members of the Croatian Army and Bosnia Herzegovina Army.

judicial consequences: No one has yet been held criminally responsible for this crime.