location: Hamlet of the Strmica village, which is part of the former municipality and now the town of Knin. According to the 1991 census, out of 1,334 inhabitants of Strmica, 1,298 were Serbs.

time: 5 and 8 August 1995

description of crime: Manda Rodić testified to the members of UNCIVPOL that at the beginning of August 1995, an HV convoy stopped in their hamlet. While she was standing at the entrance of her house with her neighbours, Jovanka Mizdrak and Juja Momić, two soldiers in camouflage uniforms approached them and asked them whether “there were Chetniks and arms in the house”. After Manda Rodić said that there were none, the soldiers gave an order to follow them because they were now “under civil protection”. When Jovanka Mizdrak refused to go, one of the soldiers ordered the other soldier to “kill her on the spot”. Several days later, the body of Jovanka’s husband Jovan was found in one of the nearby fields. He was shot dead on 5 August 1995.

victims: two persons killed – Jovanka Mizdrak (50) and Stevan Mizdrak (55)

legal Consequences: The remains of the Mizdrak couple were exhumed in May 2001 at the Knin cemetery. To this day no one has been held responsible for their killing.