location: Marino Selo is situated in western Slavonia in Požeško-Slavonska County and belongs to the town of Lipik. It is important to emphasise that in the crime which is usually referred to as the crime in Marino Selo, the victims were civilians from the neighbouring villages of Klisa and Kip.

time: Members of the Military police 76th independent Croatian National Guard battalion searched Serb house in the villages of Kip and Klisa in November 1991, looking for hidden weapons. Some civilians were arrested and taken to the improvised prison located in the fisherman’s house in the vicinity of Marino Selo (Ribnjak). In the premises of the fisherman’s house, members of the Croatian National Guard physically and mentally abused imprisoned Serbs who were civilians. In the period between November 1991 and February 1992, at least 24 civilians passed through this prison, and 18 died from consequences of the abuse. Crimes were committed by members of the platoon of Military police 76th Croatian National Guards independent battalion.


The village of Kip

  1. Pero Novković
  2. Mijo Danojević
  3. Gojko Gojković
  4. Savo Gojković
  5. Branko Bunčić
  6. Nikola Gojković
  7. Mijo Gojković
  8. Filip Gojković
  9. Jovo Popović
  10. Petar Popović
  11. Nikola Krajnović
  12. Milan Popović

The village of Klisa

  1. Jovo Žestić
  2. Jovo Popović
  3. Slobodan Kukić
  4. Rade Gojković
  5. Savo Maksimović
  6. Josip Cicvara

victims – abused and tortured:

  1. Branko Stanković
  2. Mijo Krajnović
  3. Jovo Krajnović
  4. Bunčić Milka
  5. Jeka Žestić
  6. Nikola Ivanović

judicial outcome: At the County court in Požega on 13 March 2009, a verdict was announced which found defendants Damir Kufner, Davor Šimić, Pavao Vancaš, Tomica Poletto, Željko Tutić and Anton Ivezić, guilty of war crime against civilian population. The Supreme Court quashed the verdict for procedural reasons on 23 March 2010 and the case was delegated to the County Court in Osijek. On 13 June 2011, by the verdict of the County Court in Osijek, Tomica Poletto (44) was sentenced to twelve years in prison for war crime against civilian population. Damir Kufner, Pavao Vancaš and Antun Ivezić were acquitted, while charges were dropped for Davor Šimić. An appeal session at the Supreme Court was held on 22 November and the first instance verdict was fully confirmed.