location: The village is part of the former Benkovac municipality, today part of town of Benkovac

time: 28 September 1995

description of crime: On 28 September 1995, at 22:00, Gojko Ljutić, Neven Brčić and Mario Dukić, members of the 134 Homeland regiment, came into the house of Petar Bota in Kolarina, which Dukić and Brčić called a “Chetnik place”, with the intention to take his sheep. Bota willingly gave them several sheep, but while they were carrying the sheep into their van, Brčić and LJutić saw Dukić having an argument with Bota. Then they both heard several shots. Pathologist established that Bota had received two gunshot wounds, of which the one to the chest was fatal.

victim: Petar Bota (age unknown)

legal consequences: The Military Court in Split sentenced Mario Dukić to six years in prison on 13 September 1995. But in August 1997, the Supreme Court quashed the first instance ruling and returned the case to the County Court in Zadar for a retrial. This court sentenced him to six years in prison on 21 January 1998. In the same ruling, Dukić was acquitted of charges that on an undetermined date between 1 and 5 September 1995 in Mokro Polje, the hamlet of Babić, he had killed Sava Babić, although a bullet case was found close to her corpse, and it was established that the bullet had been fired from his hand gun.