location: Village in Kistanje municipality

time: 18 August 1995, and an undetermined date in the middle of September 1995

description of crime: In the evening hours on 18 August 1995, after Mirko Ognjenović heard someone shouting: “Where are those nine? Get out so that I can kill you!”, two men, one of whom had an automatic rifle, and Uroš Ognjenović walked into his courtyard in Kakanj, where he was standing together with Radoslav Ognjenović. One of the two then called Mirko, Radoslav and Uroš Ognjenović “Chetniks”, hit Radoslav with the butt of his rifle and then fired several bullets, of which one hit Radoslav in the arm. One of the men knocked Miloš Ognjenović to the ground after which he passed out. When he regained consciousness, he found the corpses of Uroš Ognjenović and Uroš Šarić in Uroš Ognjenović’s yard, which is 200-250 meters away from his own.

When all the remaining inhabitants left Kakanj on 26 August 1995, only Vojin Šarić (84) stayed behind. His son found his remains in the well on 26 September. According to a criminal report filed by the Zadar-Knin police administration in October 1995, one or more unknown perpetrators shot him in the  chest and stomach and then threw his body into the well in the courtyard behind his house.

victims: three persons killed –  Uroš Šarić (75), Uroš Ognjenović (67) and Vojin Šarić (84).

legal consequences: On 28 August 1995 Uroš Šarić’s son filed a criminal lawsuit to the military prosecutor in Split because of the murder of his father, in which he stated that he had received information that there were three and not two perpetrators, of whom two were in uniform. He then turned to the Deputy PM, State Attorney, and the Ministry of Interior, and at his insistence, both bodies were exhumed at the Zadar cemetery on 17 April 2000. HV member Nedjeljko Mijić was the suspect, but Mirko and Radoslav Ognjenović were not able to recognize him on the photograph presented to them during police questioning. Thus far, no one has been held responsible for the crimes in Kakanj.