location: Gošić is a village in Dalmatia’s Bukovica region, some 10 km west from Kistanje. According to the 1991 census, Gošić had 107 inhabitants while according to the 2011 census, its population totalled 46. Gošić is populated almost exclusively by Serbs.

time: 27 August 1995, at about 4 p.m.

description of crime: In the village of Gošić, unknown perpetrators shot dead eight civilians on 27 August 1995. All victims were Serbs, mostly elderly persons. They were killed in their houses and courtyards in the village where there had been no war activities, before or during the killings.


  1. Savo Borak (70)
  2. Vasilj Borak (68)
  3. Grozdana Borak (75)
  4. Marija Borak (81)
  5. Kosara Borak (77)
  6. Milka Borak (75)
  7. Dušan Borak (56)

Information on exhumation and identification of victims: According to data from human rights organisations, members of the police secretly buried the remains of those executed at the Knin cemetery without names and surnames, under the numbers 543 to 550. In 2001, all bodes were exhumed and, following identification, handed over to their families.

judicial outcome: At the County Court in Zadar, six indicted Croatian Army (HV) members were tried for the criminal act of grave murder for profit. All six were acquitted. The Supreme Court overturned the ruling and returned the case for retrial, which began in 2001 before the County Court in Šibenik. However, the court halted the proceedings in 2002, after the County State Attorney in Šibenik announced its decision to discontinue, which returned the investigation back to the beginning. Following criminal proceedings before the Šibenik court, to this day there has not been any information or legal action against perpetrators of those responsible for the crime in Gošić.