location: Hamlet of the village Plavno near Knin

time: 6 August 1995.

description of crime: Mile Đurić, a Serb from Plavno, testified before the Hague Tribunal that on 6 August 1995 he was having lunch with his parents, sister, and grandmother in their family house in Đurići. After lunch, he went to his nearby cottage and when he was half-way there, he noticed that the family house he had just left was in flames, as well as the adjacent workshop. He decided to return. On the road he noticed some 15 Croatian soldiers. Đurić then hid in the neighbouring yard, and from there saw that one of the soldiers was standing with his grandmother and that in front of the workshop two soldiers wearing black balaclavas were standing with his father, Savo Đurić, who is a disabled person. The one standing with the grandmother told the others: “I am taking grandmother to the end of the village and when she returns everything will be burnt down. Throw him in the fire!” Then one of the soldiers threw his father into the burning workshop and locked the door.

victim: Sava Đurić, (53)

legal consequences: ICTY’s trial chamber concluded that perpetrators were members of the Croatian military forces or special police, but until now no one has been held responsible for this murder.