location: This war crime occurred in seven villages in Banija, an area in central Croatia within the Sisak — Petrinja — Sunja triangle. They are Blinjski kut, Kinjačka Gornja, Blinjska Greda, Bestrma,Trnjani, Čakale and Brđani.

time: 22 August 1991

description of crime: In the early morning hours of 22 August 1991, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia (MUP) and members of the Croatian National Guard (ZNG), the unit Gromovi, carried out a military operation from the direction of the villages of Komarevo and Mađari towards several neighbouring Serb villages. The operation was carried out with several modified armoured trucks accompanied by the infantry. As they entered the villages, the ZNG members called out the names of some of the villagers, and as the villagers emerged from their houses, they shot them with firearms. Some of the victims were killed inside their houses. Most of them were civilians, although some were armed and engaged the members of MUP and ZNG, which resulted in the death of five members of Croatian forces and injuries of several others. During this assault, 15 persons were killed and many others were wounded. All victims were Serbs. The youngest victim was Željka Bojinović, who was 21 when she died. ZNG members who had known her called her name, inviting her to come out of the house, and when she did, they killed her.


  1. Mladen Vranešević
  2. Nednad Pajić
  3. Petar Crljenica
  4. Ljuban Tatišić
  5. Lazo Stanić
  6. Dragan Biškupović
  7. Nedjeljko Čajić
  8. Milan Vučinić
  9. Ratko Đekić
  10. Milan Kladar
  11. Radovan Kragulj
  12. Ranko Martinović
  13. Stevo Simić
  14. Dragan Bekić
  15. Željka Bojinović

judicial outcome: In 2006, criminal charges were pressed by the County State Attorney of the Republic of Croatia against Ivica Kovačić and others for the criminal act of war crime, but in the same year, the County State Attorney dismissed the charges. To date, no one has been held responsible for this crime. Some of the families sued the Republic of Croatia seeking compensation of damages and realised their rights through first instance court decisions. The case of Željka Bojinović’s parents is well known. The municipal court in Sisak accepted their claim for compensation, established the responsibility of the Republic of Croatia and ruled that Milja and Petar Bojinović should receive material compensation. The court established that the act had the characteristics of a war crime. An appeal procedure is underway.