Dragan Vukšić

Uskoks from Žumberak

publisher: Serb National Council
number of pages: 507
year of publication: 2015
isbn: 978-953-7442-23-1

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Five hundred years ago, in specific historical circumstances and thanks to political will and interest, a remote and almost completely uninhabited area of Žumberak was left to a special, different, undesired religious and ethnic group, scorned from the start, the Uskoks. For centuries they breathed life and were the soul of the Žumberak area by writing its history as well as their own, until they started leaving in the second half of the 19th century after the demilitarization of the Military Frontier. The process is nearing completion, there is only but a handful of Uskoks left in Žumberak, and Dragan Vukušić narrates their history.