nedjeljko dragić

Stille Reise – Munich diary

publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
lanuguages: Croatian / German
number of pages: 214
year of publication: 2020
isbn: 9789537442514


As stated by Midhat Ajanovic, the biggest expert on the work of Nediljko Dragić, the Munich phase in the life and exile of this artist truly was his most prolific one. In his forced exile Dragić records everything his eye sees, his is the eye of a newcomer who believes that “one war in his lifetime is one war too many”. Dragić’s drawings are always gentle caricatures, witty and unafraid of life, endowed with an erotic subtext typical for the Yugoslavian cinematic heritage. The bilingual book with a double title title Reise – The Munich Diary / The Silent Journey Münchener Tagebuch contains over two hundred exceptional drawings, a record of the time and the space of the exile Dragić was forced to inhabit. This is the first art book published by the Serb National Council which, just like the twenty-year long study by Ante Lešaja, is in the ranks of the most exceptional publishing projects.