Milan Radanović

Slavonia, three times you burned…

publisher: Serb National Council
number of pages: 616
year of publication: 2019
ISBN: 978-953-7442-39-2

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“Slavonia, three times you burned…”, written by author Milan Radanović, is the product of  historiographical research which examines the history of Slatina region in Podravina and Brđani in Word War II. Before and during WWII this territory included the district of Podravska Slatina, and after the war the municipality of the same name. Radanović provides new insight which can be of service in local and regional context and become essential reading for the development of memory culture. Radanović writes about organized violence against the Serbian and Roma population, but also about the lives of renowned individuals who left a lasting mark, both positive and negative, on this area. Radovanović meticulously details the National Liberation Movement thorough battles and efforts to rebuild trust among the people.