Tomislav Jakić

Not all are (were) blind

publisher: Srpsko narodno vijeće
number of pages: 308
year of publication: 2018
isbn: 978-953-7442-38-5

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The book “Not all are (were) blind” contains several dozen columns written by Jakić from 2012 to 2017, which were primarily published in Novosti, magazine Prosvjeta and on web portals and Tač, as well as in other media, and some ten previously unpublished texts.

“When reading the selected columns of Tomislav Jakić, it is difficult to shake off the impression that you are reading something close to a little miracle in the world of the media that surrounds us. These texts are somewhat a textbook for journalistic writing which abides to all the “classic laws” of the trade, considered essential for a reason: clearly defined motive behind the choice of topic, precise answers to all of the five essential questions – who, when, where, how, and why – and so much more. Erudition, stance, educational quality, contextualization, corroboration, foresight…”, writes Zlatko Dizdarević, journalist and former ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Croatia, in the foreword to the book.