Bulletin #13

publisher: Srpsko narodno vijeće (Serb National Council)
number of pages: 89
year of publication: 2018
ISSN: 9789533130866
ISBN: 978-953-7442-41-5

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Political Academy of the Serb National Council – The future of Serbs in Croatia

As a part of the Political Academy of the Serb National Council in 2017, a sixth cycle of lectures and talks has been organized for young activists from the Serbian community as regular participants. Before the final meeting in this year’s cycle, participants were asked to pen short essays on two of the  following topics:

  1. What do they identify as the main problems faced by Serbs in Croatia – both on a local level (in their own communities) and on the national level?
  2.  How do they envision the future for Serbs in Croatia in the next ten years, the target year being 2027? What can be done – if anything – to resolve the issues they identified in their answers to the first question and to improve the position of the Serbian community from its the current state?

The report presents the participant’s answers to the two questions, therefore the first two sections will be structured around them. The third section will include quotes from the essays in order to illustrate some of the conclusions drawn in the first two sections.