branko mamula

Admiral from Kordun

publisher: Serb National Council
number of pages: 208
year of publication: 2020
ISBN: 978-953-7442-53-8

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In his book “Admiral from Kordun” the author Branko Mamula, fleet admiral and the Chief of the General Staff of Yugoslav People’s Army and the Minister of Defense in Yugoslavia, takes readers on a journey through his eventful and challenging life. As a young man, Mamula was left without a mother, two sisters and a brother, who were murdered by the Ustasha in 1942, and his memoir also depicts his long war path from Petrova Gora to forgotten battles Allied powers led in the North Adriatic. Reviewer of the book “Admiral from Kordun”, Milan Radanović points out: “Branko Mamula is one of the last surviving witnesses of the Yugoslavian revolution”. Mamula’s prose is inspired but also levelheaded, exhibiting complete awareness about the proceses behind the breakup of the country he helped build, and the aftermath of the war in the 1990s.